Envoged is a platform to shop and sell luxury and premium fashion wear that were just lying in your closets and make handsome cash on the go. We are curating a wide collection of these pre-loved classic pieces in pristine conditions and making them available to you at jaw-dropping discounts. Whether you are buying or selling your pre-owned bags, shoes and accessories Envoged is commited to earning your trust. We want to provide you a totally safe and secure online shopping experience by maintaining a team of authenticators



We Guarantee the authenticity of anything you buy. We only sell pieces properly sanitised to the utmost standards.


Its easy, quick and absolutely free. And the best part is you get to decide the price and keep 80% of what it sells for.


What the world is shopping and selling. Stay updated of the latest trends and admire the beauty of timeless pieces.

We take care of what we sell

Every product that is listed is as dear to us as it once used to be to its owner. We go an extra mile and ensure that the product is re-usable and refurbished/sanitized wherever the need be.

  • Authenticity: We take pride in vouching for the expertise that we have in-house, when it comes to the daunting task of filtering out all the replicas that float around unnoticed in the market. With innumerable trips to all the high street stores as well as the ""fake"" bazars, we can easily say that nothing even close to a luxury piece can ever match the beauty and standards that it brings along. We consider it to be our duty to curate some of the classic pieces of these premium brands for you, and ensure that each and every piece is hand-picked, made to go through a rigorously long list of checks before we put it up, only for you. You can shop carefree, and we are there to help you through this journey of not falling prey of the counterfeits ever.

  • Quality Checks: When it comes to ensuring the quality of the pieces listed online for sale, we are always very honest with you. We have categorized and demarcated the condition of each and every item put up to maintain the transparency that we are here to promise. However, we believe in providing the best buying experience and hence ensure that any apparel delivered is duly sanitized, dry cleaned and the hygiene is completely taken care of. Be it a New with a tag piece, or a worn one, you will never have to worry about the quality of the product that gets delivered at your doorsteps. So think no more and go grab that beautiful piece that you have always had your eyes on and let us take care of the rest.

We know you want to know more..

And thus we have a comprehensive set of all the questions that might cross your mind if you want to sell or buy with Envoged; along with a very honest attempt to answer them for you. Do not hesitate to drop us a line if you want to know something more or you want to appreciate how cool the FAQs could have ever gotten! Visit our FAQ Section.